Sexual Abuse Awareness Test

Why I Created the Sexual Abuse Awareness Test
My husband and I are pastors of a growing local church with a well-attended youth ministry. We never expected that anyone in our family would be the target of a sexual predator. What we did not know about sexual abuse nearly destroyed our family, our youth ministry, and our church.

Our world came crashing down when we discovered that our daughter Kalyn had a secret relationship with a man who was a member of our church. He was 46 years old; she was 15. God was faithful to us, and Kalyn is now recovered. You can read our story in my book Unmask The Predators: The Battle to Protect Your Child

We are committed to exposing the myths we believed about sexual abuse, and the truths that we have learned about it. We hope to help other pastors and youth pastors to learn the truth, avoid the pitfalls we encountered, and resist the enemy when he comes.

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